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MD-1750 Mustang Chassis Dyno

At Schexnayder Racing we use a Mustang Dyno MD-1750 to tune and test the capabilities of your High Horsepower 2 wheel drive Car or Truck
We use Multiple Tie Down points to Secure your Vehicle on the Rollers

Then we run your Vehicle thru its operating range and the Dyno reads the force your vehicle puts thru the Tires and results are shown on a screen.
The Dyno is capable of reading forces of up to 2500 Horsepower

A chassis Dyno will push your vehicle to its limits
While most of the time, everything is just fine...Engine, Transmission, or other Driveline damage can occur.
If there is a Weak or Failing Piece on your vehicle, the Chassis dyno will find it.

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